Why Be A Member Of The Church of Christ? (#2) – Lesson Notes

(Matt. 16:13-18)



   * From part 1: it’s non-denominational, Jesus shed His blood for it, it has the right organization, its’ worship is

      scriptural, its’ only authority is the Bible, and it’s the church in which salvation is found.

   * Let’s use both studies to help others see the need to change.


1. It believes all the Bible is the holy, divine, inspired Word of God.

   * Bible is infallible, faultless, & perfect. Plenary, verbal, inerrant, inspired Word of God.

   * Plenary – full & absolute. Verbal – Every word inspired alike. Inerrant – free from error. Inspired – God breathed.

   * We must believe all the Bible (Heb. 11:6).

   * The Bible is God’s divine word (II Tim. 3:16-17; II Peter 1:21; I Thess. 2:13).

   * God solely responsible (ultimately) for Bible’s content (II Sam. 23:2; Isaiah 51:6).

   * To reject any part of Bible is to reject God who gave it.


2. Because it believes the Bible must be rightly divided.

   * II Tim. 2:15 – Handle aright, cut straight.

   * Some twist scriptures to their own purposes & will suffer destruction (II Peter 3:16).

   * When reading a verse, must ask: Who is speaking? To whom is he speaking? When is he speaking? How is he

      speaking? What is the context in which this is said?

   * Must not wrest scripture or obey every statement. Judas hanged (Matt. 27:5). Luke 10:37 says, “go and do thou

      likewise.” Scriptures must be rightly divided!

   * Old Testament good for our learning (Rom. 15:4), but not for instruction how to worship God today. Jesus nailed it to

      His cross (Col. 2:14; Heb. 9:15-17).


3. It teaches the church of Christ is the Kingdom of God.

   * Prophesied in the OT (Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 2:2-4; Micah 4:1-4; Joel 2:28-32).

   * John & Jesus preached concerning the kingdom (Matt. 3:1-2; Mark 1:14-15).

   * Church & Kingdom used interchangeably (Matt. 16:18-9). Paul preached of the kingdom (Acts 28:31).

   * When the kingdom was preached, a church was established (Acts 8:12; 19:8; 20:25). Obedient added to it (Acts 2:41

      &47; Col. 1:13). * Members of church members of kingdom (Hebrews 12:28; 1 Thessalonians 2:12; Revelation 1:9).

   * Faithful members will see heaven (I Corinthians 15:24).


4. The church was established by Christ on Pentecost.

   * John & Jesus preached the kingdom was at hand (Mt. 3:1-2; Mark 1:14-15). Jesus came at right time (Gal. 4:4).

   * Kingdom built during lifetime of His audience (Mark 9:1).

   * Jesus told apostles to wait in Jerusalem (Luke 24:49) & when they’d gain power (Acts 1:8).

   * Prior to Acts 2:4, the church is a future happening. After Acts 2:4; it’s in existence.


5. It’s only foundation is Jesus, the Son of God. (I Cor. 3:11).

   * Any other foundation will perish (Acts 4:11-12). Denominations founded upon men, but not the church of Christ.

   * Jesus promised the church (Matt. 16:18). It was His message (Matt. 4:17).

   * Church’s only head is Jesus (Eph. 1:22-23; Col. 1:18).


6. The church of Christ believes the Bible’s teaching that Christians can fall away and be lost!

   * Bible teaches how we avoid “falling” (II Peter 1:5-10). We must grow and be ready for “meat” of gospel (Heb. 5:12).

   * Jesus will reject lukewarm, stagnant Christians (Rev. 3:16-19).

   * You think a Christian can’t fall? Read II Pet. 2:20-22. Peter wrote by inspiration, not opinion (II Peter 1:3, 20, & 21).

   * One who departs from Jesus will be cast into the fire (John 15:6).

   * Recall the unfaithful servant (Mt. 25:24-30).


Whatever you believe now, compare it to what the Bible says. If both are identical, then rejoice. If not, throw out the un-Biblical belief and cling to the words of God. Do as the Bereans did and “search the scriptures daily” to see if what you’ve been taught is so (Acts 17:11). Too much is at stake eternally to do otherwise!

                                                                                                                                    R.W. McAlister  6/22/08 p.m.