Three “Nots” We Need To Tie – Lesson Notes

(Phil. 1:27-28)


1. 1st “not” – Judge not (Matt. 7:1-5)

      * Judging not evil – God & Jesus do it (Heb. 12:23; Acts 10:42). We must use “righteous judgment” (John 7:24).

      * We need not be sinless (Rom. 7:14; I Cor. 9:27; I Cor. 5:3), but must be spiritual & living righteously (I Jn. 1:7).

      * We have a serious responsibility to our brother (Gal. 6:1-2; Rom. 15:1), but some take it as a license to go “mote-

          hunting.” Nobody has a license to do that! (Rom. 14:4)

      *  Jesus condemned this when He said, “Judge not.” Word He used is rendered “critic” in English.

            * To be a critic, one must be an expert. No one is an expert at living a sinless life (Rom. 3:10&23).

            * Mote – speck of dust or tiny splinter (metaphor for unseen fault). Jesus condemned searching for these!

            * Pharisees walking examples – strained at gnats but would swallow a camel (Mt. 23:24). Tried to find tiny faults

                in others but overlooked their own great faults.

      * Mote-hunting backfires! – He who will become critic will be judged the same way by men and God (Mt. 7:1-2).

      * The fault-finder devastates the unity of the Lord’s church.

      * We must edify one another (I Thess. 5:11).


2. 2nd “not” – Grudge not (James 5:9)

      * The tongue can really hurt the church!

            *Gossip? * Lying? * Idle words? God condemns all 3! (Ps. 34:13; Prov. 6:17; Mt. 12:36-37).

      * This is a sin of the tongue that all are guilty of! Original word means “grumbling, complaining, murmuring, etc.

            * We complain when things aren’t done exactly like we’d do them.

            * We grumble because of a sour, unpleasant attitude – just can’t get along w/others.

            * What has a more negative effect on the work of the church than this?

      * Wandering in wilderness a testimony to God’s dislike of grumbling!

            * Num. 11 – Israelites complained. God consumed them with fire.

            * Num. 12 – Aaron and Miriam complained. Miriam stricken w/leprosy.

            * Num.  21 – Israelites complained (again!). God sent serpents.

      * How do we like to be around a complainer? How does God feel about it? (Jude 14-16)

      * Solution: Do away w/sour attitude & realize that not everything will be done the way we prefer! Think on better

         things (Phil. 4:8)


3. 3rd “not” – “Despise not” (Matt. 18:10)

      * Jesus began ch. 18 w/a lesson on humility.

      * Problem of wanting to be superior goes back to Garden of Eden. Eve wanted to be superior. Ate forbidden

         fruit (Gen. 3:6).

            * The disciples – “Who shall be greatest?”

            * Diotrephes loved preeminence (III John 9)

            * No one has anything to glory about! (I Cor. 1:29). We’re all on same level – we need God’s care and grace

                (John 15:5; Gal. 3:28)

            * One who feels superior will look down on others.

            * Jesus very clear – only the humble & pure (like a child Mt. 18:1-3) may enter the kingdom!

      * Lesson is 2000 years old! We must take heed and “despise not!”

            * If we think down on others, we’re deceived (Gal. 6:3).

            * Those who are proud, conceited, high in own thoughts look down on those who have less talent or are less


            * Such pride & arrogance can only lead to defeat! (Prov. 16:18; Luke 14:11; Jas. 4:6).

                        * Remember Belshazzar? (Dan. 5)

                        * Remember Peter? (Mark 14:29)

      * This “not” must be tied! We must do away with it!

We urge you to “tie” these “nots” in your life, for the future of the church depends upon it!


                                                                                                                        R.W. McAlister  6/8/08 a.m.