The Greatness of God Seen In Job – Lesson Notes

(Job 40:1-5)



  * I Kings 18:26-29 – prophets of Baal cried out for hours w/no response. No one was there! Elijah mocked them.

   * Paul told the Athenians that God doesn’t dwell in manmade temples (Acts 17:24).

   * Creation screams out the truth of God’s existence (Rom. 1:20-21).

   * Job was reminded of the Lord’s greatness (Job 38-41).

   * Job never knew why he suffered. All he needed to know is God is all-powerful & all wise. That’s all we need know.

   * We have a witness of God’s existence and care for us (Acts 14:17).

   * God is in control! He has made spiritual immortality available to us! (II Tim. 1:10; Rom. 5:8-9).


1. God is the Powerful Creator.

   * He reminded Job of this (Job 38:4). “Who laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me if you know!” “Who decided its

      measurements? Who laid the cornerstone?” (Job 38:5-6).

   * Job reminded he knew nothing of the creation of the earth, therefore, not qualified to judge what happened there.

   * God controls relationship between earth and sea (Job 38:8-11)


2. God is the Generous Sustainer.

   * God asks, “Have you commanded the morning since your days began?” (Job 38:12).

   * God has never failed in fulfilling His responsibilities.

   * Jesus taught that God is in control of everything (Mt. 5:45).

   * Depth of Job’s knowledge probed (Job 38:16-18),

   * “Where does daylight and dark come from, Job?” (Job 38:20-21).

   * God insists that Job must know, for he dared question God in the first place.

   * “What about the weather, Job?” (Job 38:22-30).

   * “Who keeps the constellations in order?” (Job 38:31-33).

   * God’s message is “I Job, not you.”

   * “Who oversees the great and small? (Job 38:39-41). Who sustains every aspect of Creation?” (Job 39:1-30)


3. God is the Perfect Ruler.

   * Job had been humbled and had nothing to say (Job 40:4-5). God insisted the lesson continue (v. 7).

   * Demanded Job use his power to pass judgment on the wicked (40:9-13).

   * Then, humbled him once more with this thought – “Can you save yourself?” (v. 14).

   * God introduces Behemoth (most likely a dinosaur - Job 40:15-24) and Leviathan (Job 41:1-34).

   * God’s point: If man cannot contend with behemoth or leviathan, he surely cannot stand against Me (Job 40:10-11).

      Furthermore, does Job have to accuse God of unjustly governing the world just to prove his innocence? Job’s

      knowledge was weak, and his power nearly non-existent.

   * God is omniscient; He knows everything – past, present, and future (Eph. 3:10-11; I Peter 1:20).

   * God is omnipotent (Rev. 19:6); all powerful (Gen. 17:1 – Almighty/El Shaddai). Spoke universe into being (Gen.1).

   * God is onmipresent (present everywhere – Psalm 139:7-12).


Conclusion: Job perseveres.

   * Job a great object lesson in remembering who God is and trusting Him (Jas. 5:11).

   * Knowing the Lord is compassionate and merciful is enough (II Cor. 12:9).

   * Job trusted God (Job 13:15).


Christ died for you (John 3:16) and He expects your obedience (Mark 16:16; Rev. 2:10). Are you trusting Him? Put your trust in Him and become one of His children today!    

                                                                                                                                     R.W. McAlister 7/27/08 a.m.