Ready to Meet Goliath! – Notes/Study Sheet

(I Sam. 17:8-11)



   * David & Goliath (I Sam. 17). Recorded for our learning (Rom. 15:4).

   * Goliath’s challenge: I Sam. 17:8-9 –

   * Eliab tried to send David back to the sheep (I Sam. 17:28).

   * David answered Goliath’s challenge (I Sam. 17:45&46).

   * King Saul knew David was young and Goliath much more experienced (I Sam. 17:33).

   * Many things we don’t let our children do.

   * David had to conquer many things.


1. David won the battle of self.

   * Controlled temper under duress.

   * Prov. 16:32 –

   * “Show-off” would not have beaten Goliath, but David victorious w/God’s help (Rom. 8:31; Prov. 16:18).

   * Great cause for which to fight (I Sam. 17:29).

   * David remained calm & clear-headed facing Goliath.


   * Goliath was a giant who stood _________ tall & wore _____________ lbs. of armor. Spearhead weighed ______ lbs.


   * David given Saul’s armor, but was too small for it (I Sam. 17:39).

   * Took sling, 5 stones, a staff, & God into battle.


2. David won the battle of fear.

   * I Sam. 17:32 –

   * David aware of the foe, but not afraid. He had defeated bear & lion before (I Sam. 17:34-36).

   * Doing what needs to be done according to God’s will is victory, despite outcome!

   * Jesus said take up your cross & follow Him daily. (Luke 9:23&24).


3. David won the battle of unbelief.

   * The Lord delivered him from the bear & lion (I Sam. 17:37). He knew he’d be delivered again.

   * The Lord was on his side, and will be on ours (Phil. 4:13; Rom 8:31).

   * Our faith often weaker than David’s when he faced this giant. Other Bible figures have struggled w/unbelief.

   * Mark 9:17-27 – Man & demon possessed son.

   * Man asked Jesus, “If You can, help us!” (Mk. 9:22).

   * “If?” Jesus’ power not uncertain! Rebukes man. Problem not Jesus’ power, but man’s faith, as with today!

   * All things possible to one who believes (Mk. 9:23). Deep faith in God always rewarded.

   * “Help my unbelief” (Mk. 9:24). Sometimes, our faith weakens. Jesus cast out the demon (Mk. 9:25).

   * We know that God exists. Only a fool would say otherwise (Ps. 14:1; 53:1).

   * God loves us! We must never forget that! (Rom. 8:32).

   * In spite of these facts, grief sometimes overwhelms us & causes us to doubt.

   * Sometimes our grief makes us pout, we refuse to pray. “We’ll show God! We won’t go to worship services!”

   * At times like these, we need a good shaking! We need to ask God to help our unbelief!


   * Beware the devil! I Peter 5:8 –


   * Matt. 19:26: “With _____________________ all things are ______________________________.


   * I Cor. 10:13 – God has provided us a way of ___________________________________________.





                                                                                                                                    R.W. McAlister  8/2/09 p.m.