Paul’s Noble Character Traits – Lesson Notes


1. Persistence

      * Converted approx. 34 A.D. & executed approx. 67 A.D.

      * Missionary journeys may have covered 12,000 miles (National Geographic, Dec. 1956).

      * In all the epistles we know Paul to have written, there’s no mention of fatigue, no whining about

          life’s hardships, no bitterness at having been “crucified with Christ,” or wasted years, etc.

      * Simply joy and zeal at living for Christ and attaining the Heavenly reward (Phil. 3:14).


2. Patience

      * Brought to the Lord through the Gospel (Acts 9, 22, & 26).

      * Would minister to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15; 22:15, & 26:17).

      * Preached to Jews of Damascus w/no known success (Acts 9:20).

      * Journeyed to Arabia (Gal. 1:17). Record is silent for those years.

      * Returned to Damascus, and was forced to flee to Jerusalem. Jews sought to kill him again (Acts


      * Paul would be sent far away unto the Gentiles (Acts 22:21).

      * Ended up in native land of Tarsus (Acts 9:30).


3. Courageous (Do we need to mention this one?)

      * Was told, “Be not afraid” (Acts 18:9). How many of us today need to hear this?

      * Courage - not the absence of fear; but doing what’s right even when you are afraid!

      * Restrained the crowd that wanted to worship him and Barnabas (Acts 14).

      * Shortly after this, Jews from Antioch and Iconium stirred up the crowd. Paul was stoned

         and dragged out of town (Acts 14:19).

      * Paul wasn’t killed, and left w/Barnabas the next day for Derbe to continue the Lord’s work.

      * Revisited previously established churches via same route!


4.  Humble

      * Men from Judea tried to bind circumcision as a condition of salvation. Paul could have refuted it on

         his own authority and tried to settle the matter, but was willing for it to be referred to the “apostles

         and elders” in Jerusalem (Acts 15:2).

      * Didn’t thrust himself into the “spotlight.”


5. Uncompromising

      * Gal. 2 – “False brothers” tried to bind the Law of Moses as part of the Gospel – tried to force

         circumcision on Titus. Paul stood up and defended the Gospel.

      * In Antioch, Paul confronted Peter for refusing to share common meals w/the Gentiles (Gal. 2:11).

      * Paul would not have the church compromised by weak members who gave in to social pressures!


6. Yielding

      * I Cor. 9:19-23 – Paul became “all things to all men” – made whatever concession he needed to

         make in order to reach souls as long as the concession would not violate the God’s will!

      * Refused to allow Titus to be circumcised because men were binding what God had not bound (Gal.

         2:3), but allowed Timothy to be circumcised because so doing might open doors to preach (Acts


      * Acts 21:17-26 – Paul “purified” himself to satisfy the Jews and facilitate the spread of the gospel.

7. Ethical

      * Practiced what he preached and set a good example (Romans 12:17).

      * Encouraged Onesimus to fulfill his obligation to his master (Philemon)


8. Forgiving

      * Nobody stood with him at his first appearance before Roman authorities (II Tim. 4:16).

      * Paul didn’t want that held against them at Judgment Day.

Paul imitated Christ (I Cor. 11:1). May we all strive to do the same and be more like both men!