Modest Apparel




I. What does the Bible mean?

   A. Dictionary definition – decent

         1. Decent means “proper, right”

         2. The standard doesn’t change

         3. Paul’s command to “adorn yourselves in modest apparel” applies for all time

         4. People have become desensitized to immodesty. Can no longer blush (Jer. 6:15)


   B. Modesty lies between 2 extremes. Both extremes involve immodesty

        1. Overdress – Existed in Paul’s day and mentioned in I Tim. 2:9

             a. Fashion of Paul’s day

                 1. Secular histories of that time show that women were spending hours on

                     elaborate hairdo’s and clothing

                 2. Better things upon which to spend one’s money than fancy clothes;

                     expensive makeup and jewelry. Spend it on evangelism or helping the poor–

                     concentrate on inward beauty


    C.  Under-dress – Most often thought-of type of immodesty

            1. Body glitter, makeup, jewelry, exposed cleavage & “low rider” jeans, shorts

                that are too short, inappropriate wording on clothing

            2. Boys wearing pants buckled at the knees and shirts so long to hide their

                underwear they look like ladies’ nightshirts; sleeveless shirts on both sexes that

                don’t fit tightly around the arm – arm-hole extends so far down the side as to

                expose the torso. I Peter 3:3&4 – women should adorn themselves with a

                humble spirit instead of outward displays of beauty and “showiness.” A

                principle for all Christians


II. Immodest dress encourages fornication and adultery

     A. Gal. 5:19-21 – Lasciviousness is one of the works of the flesh that will keep a soul

          from heaven

          1. Defined: 1) inclined to lechery; lewd, lustful. 2) tending to arouse sexual desire

          2. To be responsible for arousing sexual desire in another person is SIN, the sin of


          3. People have finally begun to acknowledge this! Ann Landers column where 17

              yr. old boy complains about the way girls dress          

          4. Temptations appear, even though they shouldn’t (far fewer if people dressed

               modestly). We must overcome them and we have the strength to do so. None of

               us is tempted so strongly that we can’t overcome (I Cor. 10:13)

          5. Must not throw stumbling blocks in front of others (I Cor. 8)



III. The Bible gives a clear picture of immodesty and its consequences

      A. David was a Godly man – a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22)

      B. Story of David and Bathsheba illustrates the devastating consequences of

           immodesty (II Sam. 11:1-5)

           1. In addition to the fornication and conception of an illegitimate child, many other

               tragedies occurred.

               a. Killing of Uriah (II Sam. 11:15)

               b. Exposure of David for what he’d done by Nathan (II Sam. 12:1-7)

               c. Curse placed upon the house of David (II Sam. 12:10)

               d. The child dies (II Sam. 12:14-15)

      C. Is it any wonder that God wants His children to dress and behave modestly?


IV. God has given us guidelines to see if we’re adorned modestly (I Tim. 2:9; Titus 2:5)

      A. Can I wear this with shamefacedness?

           1. Shamefacedness means, “with a sense of shame”

           2. Clothing that doesn’t indicate shame of one’s nakedness isn’t modest!

      B. Can I wear this with sobriety?

           1. Sobriety means “sound judgment”

           2. Clothing which doesn’t reflect sound judgment of how God would have us dress

               isn’t modest clothing

      C. Can I wear this with discreteness?

           1. Discreteness means “self control”

           2. Clothing which doesn’t reflect self-control or promote it in others isn’t modest

           3. Excessive rings, jewelry, and/or makeup indicate a lack of self-control

           4. Spend more time getting ready for church spiritually (II Tim. 2:15; Eph. 3:14-


      D. Can I wear this and at the same time be chaste?

           1. Chaste means “pure from carnality”

           2. Clothing which excites lust of the flesh is not modest apparel


V. Conclusion

     A. Titus 2:12

     B. I Peter 4:4

     C. Repent and make your life right with God to secure a home in heaven!