Managing Our Worries – Notes/Study Sheet

(Psalm 13)



   * Worry is common to all of us. How do we cope?


   * Most prescribed drugs:_________________________________&_________________________________________.

   * God knows our needs & works in the lives of His children (Matt. 10:29-30; Rom. 8:28).



1. Worry is futile!

   * Mt. 6:27 – Worry won’t make you ____________________________ or ___________________________________.



   * Anglo-Saxon root meaning:____________________________. Phil. 4:6 – anxious means:______________________.


2. Worry is harmful!

   * Physical problems –



   * Psychological effects –



   * Worry is toxic! It will kill you!

   * Worry and concern not the same thing - Concern: interest or regard in a person or thing; a matter of importance to a

       person. Worry: a feeling of uneasiness or nervousness. Concern/planning is acceptable (Luke 14:28-32), worry is not!


3. Is there any help? YES! One source is the 13th psalm.

   * V. 1-2 – David’s cry for help – “How long, O Lord?” We’ve asked the same question many times.

   *  Habakkuk – asked the same question so many of us ask.




   * Psalm 13:3-4 – David’s cry of prayer. Recognizes that God is his God – personal relationship w/God.

   * David called on God. Did he have other options?

   * Could have tried to solve his problem w/o God, but there’s no hope in that! I Peter 5:7: cast your cares upon God and

      leave them there!

   * Phil. 4:6 – Is this too simple for us? Does it have to be more complicated?

   * Psalm 62:8 – God is our refuge.




   * Psalm 13:5-6 – David’s cry of praise. Psalm began w/sighing, ended w/singing.

   * David had not yet been delivered, yet he praised God! He didn’t worry about his circumstances, he trusted God!

   * John 14: “Let not your heart be troubled” (v. 1&2). What happened in Jn. 13?


   * From Psalm 13:5, “I have trusted in thy mercy...” Mercy = checed: mercy, goodness; idea of covenant loyalty.

   * Phil. 1:21 – Paul was undecided which was better – life or death! He would win either way!

   * Isa. 49:15 – Could a mother forget her baby? No. Neither will God forget His children – we’re carved on His hands.

   * Paul & Silas (Acts 16). In prison, yet they weren’t worried – they sang and praised God!!

* “Be anxious for nothing...” (Phil. 4:6) Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? (Mt. 6:27)



                                                                                                                                              R.W. McAlister  3/1/09 a.m.