Lesson Notes from Previous Sermons by R.W. McAlister


Paul's Characteristics                                                                     How Does God Speak to Men Today?             Honest Self Examination  

Influence of a Faithful Mother                                                       Take Heed Lest Ye Fall                                     Examining the Priesthood

Considering Two Stewards                                                            Biblical Facts about Baptism                            Approaching God In A Time of Crisis

Why People Sin?                                                                           How Can I Become a Better Christian?           Rich In This World

Homosexuality: A Grievous Sin that is Alive and Well               What is Modest Apparel?                                 Different Kinds of Works

Me First                                                                                          The Impact of Biblical Ignorance                      Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Simon, Simon                                                                                 Why Be a Member of the church?                    Bible Questions & Answers

Three "Nots"                                                                                    I Believe the Lord But…                                   Christian Fellowship

Why Be a Member of the Church of Christ?                                  Lean On Him                                                      Who Are We?

At the Judgment Bar of God                                                           Knowledge and Ignorance                                  Judge Me O Lord

Is God an Indian-Giver?                                                                  Jesus Seven Steps to Service                             Epidemic of Homosexual Unions

Be Neighbors for Jesus                                                                    Bible Questions and Answers                            Jesus Christ  A Warrior

 The Greatness of God seen in Job                                                  Will We Get Away with It?                               Have You Been Drawn to God?

Could Ye Not Watch with Me One Hour?                                      Pride Goeth Before Destruction                        The Road Back

8 Characteristics of Effective Preaching                                         It is Finished                                                      Questions and Bible Answers

He That Soweth Discord Among Brethern                                     The Organization of the Church                        Denominations For Money Only

Women’s “Lib” or the Word of God?                                             Shouldest Thou Help the Ungodly?                  Two Things In Common

Be of Good Cheer                                                                            He Being Dead Yet Speaketh                           Four D’s in Hebrews

Jesus’ Last Will and Testament                                                       For What Should I Be Thankful                       Did I Really Miss All That

Flesh and Blood Hath Not Revealed It                                             Living By Faith                                               Managing Our Worries

The Christians Top Priority                                                                A Healing God                                               Is the Young Man Safe

The Bible’s Teaching of Hell                                                              It’s a Miracle Part 1                                      The Compassion of the Christ

Jochebed, Woman of Faith                                                                 Let No Man Despise Thy Youth                  Bible Questions and Answers #9

The Glory of Heaven Part 1                                                                The Glory of Heaven Part 2                        One of Our 3 Greatest Needs– Love

One of Our 3 Greatest Needs– Hope                                                  One of Our 3 Greatest Needs– Faith          The Realm Where God Doesn’t Dwell

Using Your Talents                                                                             Some Challenges We Face                                     Upon This Rock

Did God Really Inspire the Bible?                                                               Out of Control                                            What is Your Life?

The Silence and Commandments of Holy Scripture                                Ready to Meet Goliath?                         Bible Doctrine of Eternal Punishment

A Qualified Elder                                                                                   Be Sure of Your Salvation                                    A Worker for the Lord

The Character and Work of an Elder                                          If Thy Brother Trespasses Against Thee                           Lord Teach Us to Pray

God’s Mercy and Grace Part 1                                                          Erring Christians-Spiritual Extortion                        Will God Hear My Prayer? Pt.1

What Do I Owe My Home Congregation?                                         To Speak the Word With All Boldness                     Veterans of the Cross

 Symptoms of Gratitude                                                                          The Righteousness of God-Wrath & Grace             Some Important Questions about Satan

Is God Really There When I Hurt?                                                                        Bible Questions and Answers 12

 What Color is Racism?                                                                                            Hosanna                                                   Reigniting Your Spiritual Fire

 Going the Second Mile                                                                                            How to Be Great in the Kingdom                            How Not to Be Great in the Kingdom