Judge Me, O Lord!

(Psalm 26:1-3)



   * Psalm 26 probably written in time of crisis for David. Is a prayer for divine examination.

   * Divided into three parts: Author’s integrity (v.1-2), evidence (v. 3-8), plea for God’s mercy (v. 9-12).



1. David affirms his integrity (vv. 1-2).

   * Asks to be proved like metal.












2. David offers evidence to support his claim (vv. 3-8).

   * God loves those fashioned in His image (Gen. 1:26-27).

   * He isn’t willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (II Pet. 3:9).

   * III John 4 –




   * David recognized connection between worship and daily living. There must be consistency in Christian living!

            - Jer. 7:



   * Our actions are important for we’re judged by them (Matt. 7:20).






3. David concludes with a prayer (vv. 9-12).

   * David prays that when “harvest” comes, he not be counted with the wicked (v. 9).

   * We must rely on God’s mercy to sustain us.


   * We must be in the world, but only to evangelize it, not to partake of its evil.


   * We should be willing to have God examine us.





                                                                                                                                    R.W. McAlister 12/28/08 p.m.