Is The Young Man Safe? – Notes/Study Sheet

(II Sam. 18:33)



   * Bible’s divine inspiration borne out in its portrayal of characters w/flaws.

   * Seen clearly in life of King David.


1. The high cost of sin.

   * David (Acts 7:46; II Sam. 11&12). David & Bathsheba – what happened?


   * David’s reaction at the passing of his son?


2. Is the young man safe?

   * Story of Absalom (II Sam. 13-18). Absalom murdered his brother, Amnon for raping their sister, Tamar. He was

      exiled for 3 years. When he returned to Jerusalem, he couldn’t see his father for 2 more years. He tried to steal his

      father’s throne and when David retaliated, he gave instructions that Absalom not be harmed. His instructions were



   * David’s reaction at the death of Absalom?


3. Our “Absaloms” ?

   * Bro. Flavil Yeakley estimates a loss of 40% of our youth!

   * How many young do we see at our Lectureships, Gospel Meetings, Revivals, etc?


4. Destruction of personal faith.

   * False ideas taught to our youth. Evolution, etc.

   * Lack of Bible teaching to counter falsehoods our kids are taught.


5. Encroachment of the world.

   * MTV, movie channels, filthy TV programs – even in Prime Time (Family Guy, Weeds, Will & Grace, etc.), “music.”

   * These things have crashed the barrier of sexual purity!


6. Parental neglect.

   * Perhaps the greatest contributor. Too much emphasis on academics & not enough on Bible study/church.

   * No effort made to take Bible/class book home and study or do a lesson! Is this putting God’s kingdom 1st? (Mt. 6:33)


7. Develop Christian character while you still can!

   * Eccl. 12:1 –

* Two and three-year-olds - learn songs, basic Bible stories, memory verses, can ask the same question over and over.

* Preschoolers/kindergartners can learn books of the Bible, Bible stories, & memorize Scripture.


   * Plan for spiritual development.

      - Bible reading




      - Bible teaching




   * Practice what we preach!





                                                                                                                                    R.W. McAlister 4/5/09 p.m.